Renzianni Designs: Jewelry & art honoring nature & spirit

Renzianni Designs jewelry is created to honor nature and your individual spirit, to create meaningful gifts and foster connections between people.  I use recycled fine silver clay in my work to respect mother earth. The manufacturer, Art Clay World is a 'green' earth-friendly company. I also believe it is possible to accessorize beautifully and be kind to the earth at the same time.  Inspiration for my designs comes from nature, modern spirituality, ancient archaeological finds and in the milestones or rites of passage in our lives. The natural precious and semi-precious gemstones I use are chosen for their beauty with their healing properties in mind. Each piece of jewelry I design is hand-crafted one at a time in my studio, with loving attention to detail.  Many pieces include sacred or inspirational symbols.  My hope is that my jewelry serves as a modern talisman for you or someone you love. Part of my mission is to use a portion of the profits I earn to give to organizations that support women’s rights and work for peace and justice. 

"(S)he who works with his(her) hands is a laborer,

(S)he who works with his(her) head and hands is a craftsman,

(S)he who works with his(her) head, hands & heart is an artist."

~ St. Francis of Assisi