Circle of Life Jewelry

The original Circle of Life pendant with spiral and lapis lazuli bead. Note the organic texture the ash creates in the silver. 

The original Circle of Life pendant with spiral and lapis lazuli bead. Note the organic texture the ash creates in the silver. 

The first piece of Circle of Life jewelry I made was commissioned by a friend who had lost her beloved pet.  She wanted a memento she could keep close to her heart.  After some research, she decided the little vials or lockets available to store loose cremation ash them were not for her.  So she asked me if I could figure out a way  to create a piece of jewelry using cremation ash.  I really do love a challenge, so I figured out a process for incorporating ash into the Art Clay Silver material I work with.  I am honored to be able to provide this option for my customers.  I consider this to be deeply personal, sacred & reverent process.  Each piece is a one of a kind, organic piece of jewelry made to honor the memory of a loved one.  A very small amount of ashes is used in each piece of jewelry, under 1/4 teaspoon.   The ash is combined with the raw material and the finished piece of silver contains the ash mixed right in with the metal itself.  I call these pieces Circle of Life jewelry for two reasons ~ they are a reminder of our loved one's place in the circle of life we belong to and because of the spiral design in the circular shape of the original pendant shown here.  The silver used in these pendants is 100% recycled as well.

In order to have your Circle of Life pendant made, you will need to send me a small amount of the ash, in a sealed plastic bag, shipped in a box or very sturdy mailer envelope.  This process begins when you order the pendant through my website.  Soon after ordering, you will receive a package in the mail with all the necessary instructions. Then you prepare the small amount of ash according to the instructions and send them to me.  I then get to work in my studio.  Any of the ashes that do not end up using in your memorial jewelry will be carefully collected and returned to you with your finished piece approximately 2 weeks from the time I first receive the ashes.  The finished metal appears to have a slightly porous texture, which is actually the ash in the metal.  I have several designs you may choose from.

Prices start at $149.00 per necklace.  Each pendant comes on a high quality sterling silver chain.

My hope is that these personal, unique pieces will bring you comfort in your time of loss.


1)  Do you do just pets, or can you do people, too?  Yes, I absolutely can do memorial jewelry using animal or human cremation ash.

2)  Can you combine ashes from more than one cremation into one single piece of jewelry?       Yes, I can combine up to 2 sets of ashes into a piece.  You may choose to send the ash already combined or in separate sealed bags.  As always, I will return to you any ash that I do not use in the jewelry making process.  *if you are interested in combining more than 2 sets of ashes into a single piece of jewelry, please email me directly and we can work out a solution.

3)  How long until I get the memorial jewelry & remaining ash returned to me?  First you place your order & send me the ash.  When I receive the ash, I will send you an email letting you know.  From there, it will take between 5 days to three or four weeks for your memorial  jewelry to arrive, depending on shipping and time of year.

4) How do I order my circle of life pendant?  Please email me directly - on the contact page and I will contact you with ordering options and instructions.  Thank you.

5) What is your process?  When I settle in to make a Circle of Life pendant, I close myself into my studio, light a candle, say a silent thank you to the people and pets involved and create the pieces in a reverent space.  I am very careful to keep all ashes in their original containers or in the jewelry.  I use Art Clay Silver and form by hand it together with the ash to create a unique, fine silver pendant. Any extra ash is carefully collected and returned to you with your finished jewelry.